Catholic Charities of the Diocese has a history of successfully training the next generation of social workers for over 15 years. We provide supervision for master level and bachelor level students.  During their placement, interns experience working with clients who have various needs, ages, family constellations, and cultural backgrounds.  Interns are exposed to the different ranges of the social work profession through Family Supportive Services and the Tattoo Removal Program. Based on the academic level, interns have the opportunity to experience and learn more about educational groups, case-management, community outreach and be involved in administrative tasks, including research and grant writing.

  • The clinical supervisor is bilingual, Spanish/English, and is a licensed clinician with more than twenty five (25) years of experiences having practiced in multiple clinical settings.
  • Preceptors or task supervisors are available.
  • The following tools are used for learning purposes: case presentations, consultations, review of video-audio, and process recording of sessions
  • When possible, presentations by community therapists augment the staff’s clinical expertise.
  • Our Internship Program provides clinical practice for up to eight (8) Master students and/or Post-master, license eligible interns per year.