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Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Monterey

Opus Christi Society


The Opus Christi Society was founded in 1988 to provide Catholic Charities with a sound financial base to strengthen the agency’s outreach to the poor and marginalized in the Diocese of Monterey. Opus Christi, in Latin, means “works of Christ“.

What is the Opus Christi Society?

The Opus Christi Society is a group of dedicated advocates who stand together with Catholic Charities to reduce poverty and promote social justice throughout the Diocese of Monterey. Together we ensure that Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey’s core programs are sustainable and reach the most vulnerable people in our community, those who depend on our services to thrive in life.

Members of the Opus Christi Society are invited to exclusive events, including an annual mass and dinner in the spring, hosted by Bishop Daniel Garcia to show our appreciation.

How do I join?

Financial contributions totaling of $1,000 or more within one year qualifies donors for membership into the Opus Christi Society. We invite all within the Diocese of Monterey to join the Opus Christi Society and become stewards of change. If you are interested in joining our Opus Christi Society, please contact the Development Office at (831) 920-4765.

Opus Christi Society Mass and Dinner 2019 | Monterey, California