The Disaster Case Management program (DCMP) assists wildfire survivors in creating a recovery plan while reconnecting them with available resources for an achievable and successful recovery. The DCMP follows COVID-19 guidelines outlined by state and local authorities.

Disaster Relief Program

In serving the most vulnerable in our communities during these times, our wildfire relief services are currently focused on families and individuals who:

  • reside in Santa Cruz County or Monterey County
  • whose home was in the evacuation areas.
  • are in need of financial aid to purchase basic need items

Call our wildfire relief direct line: (831) 920-4764

Monday through Friday 9am -5pm

Send Email to:

Catholic Charities is honored to serve people affected by the wildfires in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

With support from Catholic Charities Board of Directors, CCUSA, and amazing volunteers, we are providing wildfire relief to those whose homes were in the evacuation areas. Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide service with care and compassion to help evacuees who urgently needed financial aid to purchase basic needs.

THANKS to our donors and foundation grants, we are here to help!

Thank you for your caring heart and generosity! Together we will continue to provide help and create hope in our communities!