A note from the desk of Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey Executive Director, Terrie Iacino:

As many of you already know the administration has rescinded the DACA program effective today. Many of our clients are fearful of the consequences. We understand that Congress has been given 6 months to come up with a legislative solution for this part of the immigration landscape.

In the meantime we cannot assist anyone to apply for a new DACA status – New DACA has closed.

All of those who are ready to file for their 2 year extension should connect with our immigration offices as it seems possible to file these extensions until October 16, 2017.

We will keep everyone informed as new developments emerge on this issue.

Our message is for our clients and their families is not to panic – there is time to sort everything out and we pray that Congress acts on a new solution for the 780,000 current DACA in our country.