Supportive Services (SS) assists families and individuals onto the path of financial stability and self-sufficiency by providing direct assistance and focused collaboration with other community-based organizations. For many families facing economic crisis, Catholic Charities Supportive Services provides the first step toward stabilization.

SS offers a comprehensive financial stability program (short term). This program implements four main evidence based interventions: a) in depth assessment, b) case management, c) financial resources, d) financial education, and e) referrals to community programs.

This department also offers an array of supportive services, such as application assistance for CalFresh and Nutrition Education sessions to further increase client’s resources.

Low-income individuals are inclined to face complex issues that may trigger a financial crisis at any time. Clients requesting Family Supportive Services at our agency report one or more of the following reasons as their main cause of their financial crisis and request for services:

  • unemployment
  • health related issues
  • death in the family
  • divorce
  • unexpected debt
  • reduced income
  • and/or seasonal work

For our clients these issues trigger a series of events that puts them on the verge of eviction and for some, even homelessness.