Our program helps remove barriers to viable employment and broaden economic and social opportunities for individuals committed to change the direction of their lives. No age limits and low fees provide access to this otherwise  expensive treatment.

We recognize that removing some tattoos may be the culmination of a long struggle or life risk, which is why we respect the decision of the participants and the challenges they may face during and after this process.

We require completing 20 hours of community service prior to setting an appointment for the face-to-face interview.

In the interview, we will

  • Determine the participant’s level of commitment to change
  • Offer emotional and mental support
  • Refer the participant to community resources that will encourage focused and continuing work towards life changing decisions


  • Twenty (20) hours of community service.
  • Completion of face to face interview.
  • Understanding and commitment to follow the rules of the program.
  • Tattoos must be visible, offensive, gang related, inappropriate, may interfere with education, work, changes in personal life, etc.
  • A strong commitment from the participant is necessary to removing tattoos as it is usually a long and painful process that requires consistent attendance to the scheduled sessions.
  • The basic fee per session is $20.  A sliding fee scale helps us address individual needs.
  • Respect the office and the surrounding area; consider it a neutral territory which offers the opportunity to practice behaviors conducive to maintain a stress free professional environment for all.