Our program helps remove barriers to viable employment and broaden economic and social opportunities for individuals committed to change the direction of their lives. No age limits and low fees provide access to this otherwise  expensive treatment.

We recognize that removing some tattoos may be the culmination of a long struggle or life risk, which is why we respect the decision of the participants and the challenges they may face during and after this process.

Program Requirements

  • Community Service hours. Complete 20 hours of community service before attending the intake interview.
  • Program Fees. A sliding scale fee determines the participant’s fee per session. The sliding fee ranges from $20 to $90. Payment for the session is due the day of treatment.
  • Dedication. Participants must truly be invested in their tattoo removal decision, as removing tattoos may cause discomfort.
  • Care & Consideration. Respect for the staff, volunteers, and office setting.

How to apply

  1. Make an appointment by calling (831) 316-9121.
  2. Attend a face-to-face intake interview.

What to bring to your interview

  1. A letter showing completion of 20 hours of community service.
  2. One (1) form of photo identification

A parent or legal guardian must accompany minors to sign documents.

What you need to know about the Tattoo Removal Program

  • Tattoo removal is a medical procedure.
  • Local dermatologists and other healthcare professionals generously volunteer their time to treat the tattoos using laser tattoo removal technology.
  • Individuals of all ages are welcome to apply.
  • Visible and non-visible tattoos are treated. However, offensive, gang-related, and inappropriate tattoos that are visible (ex. tattoos on the face, neck, and hands) are given priority in treatment decisions. These tattoos can be a major obstacle for many to secure employment or reach emotional healing.
  • It takes multiple treatments to remove a tattoo. The number of treatments depends upon the nature of the tattoo, size, and the quality or density of the ink.
  • Treatment appointments are scheduled two months apart to allow the inner skin tissue to heal.
  • Those who have had tattoos removed report that the pain of removing the tattoo is more intense than when the tattoo is applied.
Our healthcare professionals will be able to answer specific questions regarding the procedure.

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