General Information on Transferring Stock for the Benefit of a Specific Location

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the procedure to donate stock for the benefit of Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey. The easiest way to donate stock is electronically through your broker in a transfer to the account of The Roman Catholic Bishop of Monterey at Charles Schwab. Or, if you prefer, the stock certificate may be submitted.
No matter which method is used for donating stock, it is very important that you complete a Stock Gift Letter of Intent to provide donor information, a stock description, and the intended purpose or beneficiary of said donation. The Stock Gift Letter of Intent is attached. Correspondence should be e-mailed to Clancy D’Angelo, Treasurer for Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey, at Upon receipt, we will sell the stock and send you a confirmation letter in accordance with IRS regulations, designating the donation to the appropriate parish/school.

Electronic Transfer – If you have an account with Charles Schwab, or with any other broker such as Paine Webber, Dean Witter, etc., an electronic transfer of stock is the preferred manner to handle the transfer. Our Account Name is The Roman Catholic Bishop of Monterey, and the Account No. is 7586-3598. Stock should be delivered to DTC Clearing0164, Code 40. Your broker may contact, Charles Schwab directly or by fax: 888-526-7252. The local Charles Schwab contact in the Carmel office is: Jesus Gutierrez Chavez,831-622-5931. However, if he is unavailable, a member from the operations support team can be reached at 800-435-4000.

Stock Certificate – If the stock certificate has been re-registered to The Roman Catholic Bishop of Monterey, or to Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey, it may be submitted without additional paperwork from the donor.

If the stock certificate is in your name, then, as the owner(s), you need to go before a Notary Public and sign the back of the stock certificate EXACTLY as the stock is registered, and make NO OTHER NOTATIONS on the form. At the same time, you must sign and have notarized a Third-Party Release Form from Charles Schwab. The signed stock certificate and the signed Third Party Release Form should be returned to our office, attention Clancy D’Angelo, Treasurer. The stock will then be sold through our account with the proceeds made available to the intended recipient. If you have any other questions about the donation of stock, please feel free to contact Clancy D’Angelo at via e-mail at

Fillable CC Stock Gift Letter of Intent 11.2021